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Shipping a Camaro Across the Country

By June 16, 2022August 7th, 20224 Comments

So you found the perfect Camaro for your next rebuild project but it is on the other side of the
country. Don’t worry shipping a Camaro across the country to California is simpler now than
ever before. You have a number of options when shipping a Camaro. You can tailor much of the
shipping process, from transport to destination, with a high degree of flexibility. After finding a
trustworthy car transport company, you can quickly and easily set up the whole shipment
process. But before finding a car transport company, you need to know what to look for.
You should be aware of the pros and cons of your different options. The car shipping industry is
going through a time of rapid progress and new technological potential. You should also go in
knowing about what you should expect to pay. Knowing this information before shipping a
Camaro across the country empowers you to make the best decision for your car and your wallet.
Because you have such a wide range of possibilities before you, it is best to start with your needs
in mind.
Pickup and Delivery Options
Shipping a Camaro across the country involves navigating the car shipping industry. Many car
transport companies offer a choice between terminal-based delivery and door-to-door drop-off.
If you choose to have your vehicle delivered to your home (door-to-door), the price tends to be
higher. However, you have the added convenience of your Camaro arriving in your driveway,
ready to go.
Terminal-based deliveries are often less expensive, but you may have to make a trip to the
nearest metropolitan area. Depending on the distance from your home, the extra cost of door-
to-door delivery may be worth the convenience. But if you live somewhere rural, you may need
to opt for a terminal delivery to keep prices within your budget.
Storing your Camaro during and after transport is also an important consideration. Sometimes
your plans change and you need extra flexibility. If you are moving, your car may arrive before
you do. If you cannot pick up your car in person, you may need to consider storing your Camaro
in a professional storage facility. This keeps your car safe and sound until you are ready to pick
it up or have it delivered. Your decision here also impacts your price point.
Make sure any car shipping company you consider fully insures your Camaro from potential
damage during pickup, shipping, and delivery. This lets you know that you can trust your vehicle
to a company without the risk of losing value on your vehicle. You obviously want to ensure that
your Camaro will be in safe hands throughout the entire shipment process. You also want
reassurance that your Camaro is fully covered should the unforeseeable happen.
Open Transport vs. Enclosed Container Shipping

One of the major decisions to make is whether you want your Camaro shipped in an open
carrier or enclosed container. Shipping your car in an open carrier is usually the cheaper option.
Your carrier type usually has the biggest impact on your costs. Knowing the pros and cons of
both can help you make the right decision.
Open carrier transport is more widely available since it is the most common transport method.
Using an open carrier is the fastest way to have your car shipped. However, your vehicle is
exposed to the elements and the risks of the open road. While the risk of damage to your
vehicle is very low as long as you use a reputable shipping company, some people prefer that
their car have more protection.
Enclosed container transport protects your Camaro from the elements. This costs more
because these containers are less plentiful. Your car will be protected from weather and debris,
but you could pay over twice as much in shipping costs.
How Much Does Shipping a Camaro Cost?
The cost to ship your Camaro across the country depends on a variety of factors. As discussed
above, what type of delivery and storage services you select can change your price point. Costs
tend to be widely variable based on when you ship your car, where you need it to go, and the
kind of vehicle you ship. Despite this degree of price uncertainty, you can do several things to
lower your costs.
You should make sure to get quotes from a few companies. This ensures you are getting the
fairest price for services. Unless you have specific weather concerns, ship your Camaro openly
rather than in enclosed storage. If you are within a feasible distance to a metropolitan area or
nearby vehicle delivery terminal, have your Camaro shipped there. This is sometimes far less
expensive than having your Camaro sent to your home.
If possible, try to move your Camaro across the country during the off-season. You are more
likely to find better rates between September and November. This is because the weather has
not yet usually turned sour for the winter, but the summer busy season has ended. This might
also enable shippers to move your Camaro more quickly than during other times of the year.
On average, shipping a car costs anywhere from $700 to $1200. Usually, prices are about $0.60
per mile over the first 1,000 miles. Depending on your exact shipping and storage specifications,
you may pay as little as $500 or as much as $1,500. Obviously, shipping your Camaro from
coast to coast will cost more than a shorter trip. Rates also tend to be a bit more expensive if
your vehicle is only traveling a few hundred miles.
Another tip is to ship your car with about a quarter of a tank of fuel. This keeps you from paying
extra for weight. Make sure your car is clean and empty, too. Shipping items in your vehicle is
not recommended since it is not cost-effective and can pose problems during transport. Some
shipping companies will not move vehicles that are not empty of personal belongings.

If you have a certain price point you are trying to hit to stay within budget, tell your shipping
company when discussing your options. Better to know up front whether your company can
match its services to your price range before designing a plan.




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